A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE PROVIDENCE From March 1990 until August 2015

次回は"True father's and True Mother's different answers to questions"の予定です。

A brief history of the providence
From March 1990 until August 2015

Year 1990

・ 27th of March
 31st Parents Day memorial service, proclamation of realm of women’s total liberation,Women’s Federation started.

・ 9th of April
  Moscow world rally.

・ 30th of April
  True Parent’s (Messiah) proclamation rally.

・ 20th of May
  Proclamation of True Family.

・ 10th of June
  Proclamation of True Children.

Year 1991

・ 1st of September
  Proclamation of total mobilization for returning home town.

・ 17th of September
  Asian Peace Women’s Federation, Tokyo rally.

・ 30th of November
  True Parent’s visit to North Korea.

Year 1992

・ 10th of April
 Establishment of World Peace Women’s Federation, NGO.

・ 3rd of July
  Proclamation of Second Lord, Savior, True Parents.

Year 1993

・ 1st of January
  Proclamation of age of complete testament start.

・ 10th of April
  Proclamation of age of complete testament age.

Year 1994

・ 1st of May
  Proclamation of the Family Pledge, 40 years establishment of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christian ity (HSA-UWC).

・ 3rd of May
  Establishment of World Peace Family Federation.

・ 26th of July
  Establishment of World Peace Youth Organization.

Year 1996

・ 30th of July
  First world rally for establishment for World Peace Family Federation.

・ 1st of November
  Settlement of World Peace Family Federation and proclamation of indemnity is over.

Year 1997

・ 10th of April
  Change the name of Unification Church, proclamation of opening age of World Peace Unification of Family Federation, this is
also the new name.

・ 1st of September
  Establishment of perfection of True Father’s speeches.

・ 11th of September
  Proclamation of age of 4th Adam rights.

・ 13th of October
  Establishment of Hoon Dok Hae.

Year 1999

・ 14th of June
  The age of mother and son, seven years course finished. TM's 80 countries world tour was accomplished, and subsequently Tr  ue Mother was also recognized.

・ On the 9th second, in the 9th minute, in the 9th hour, on the 9th day, in the 9th month, in the year of 1999
  The offering or dedication of the first son, parents, and the king's rights to God. Proclamation of liberation realm of Heaven,
Earth and Parents cosmic unity.

Year 2000

・ 5th of January
  TF said “The age of nation, as well as the mother and son era is over. The new era ‘father and son support era’ is connected  centered on father, and is not centered on mother. In this era, father and son will be united, and mother will have to unite with  the son. ” Vol.314 page 230, January 5th, 2000.

・ 31st of March
  Hyun Jin Nim became president of World Carp.

・ 11th of November
  Proclamation for the advancement of the age of father son support (TF’s speech 5th January and 11th November – age of
father son support started).

Year 2001

・ 13th of January
  Coronation ceremony for the Kingship of God, proclamation of Cheon Il Guk.

Year 2003

・ 6th of February
 Blessing marriage ceremony for opening Cheon Il Guk, True Parents second marriage ceremony.

・ 22nd of March
  Cheon Seong Gyeong published.

Year 2004

・10th of May
  Shin-Joon Nim was born ( 22nd March Lunar calendar) TF said with joy “At last he was born”. After that TF decided        Shin-Joo Nim as successor.

Year 2005

・ 22nd of March
 TF verified Cheon Seong Gyeong, and gave it as a offering in a dedication ceremony to God.

・ 13th of May
  TF said “Only one child is left from my children, only Hyung Jin is left, everyone else got issues… there is no mother”. TF’s  speech 496 page37.

・ 25th of May
 TF said “In my age three generation of lineage has connected vertically.” TF proclaimed Shin-Joo Nim as successor.

・ 12th of September
  Establishment of Cosmic Peace Federation.

Year 2006

・ June
   Establishment of Cheon il Guk national song, Blessing of Glory.

Year 2007

・ 11th of May
 TF said TM has to be perfect by 16th June 2013 TF’s speech “Judgement by nature”.

・ 19th of December
  Korean presidential election, rev. Kwak refused to be candidate.

Year 2008

・ 17th of March
  Hyo Jin Nim passed away (1st son) .

・ 6th of April
  49th True Parents’ Day (held in King Garden in Hawaii). TF proclaimed special ceremony that Hyun Jin Nim ( 3rd son) is in the position of Cain and Kook Jin Nim in the position of Abel, and TM should be united together with them. https://www.youtu

・ 9th of April
  Korean general election failed, no members elected from the church related party.

・ 16th of April
  At Hoon Dok Hae TF appointed Hyung Jin Nim (7th son) as successor, TF said “there is no one among our church members   who surpasses Hyung Jin in his standard of faith or in any other way”. https://youtube.com/watch?v=ew1vwsRN7JM. http    s://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2oUWzgesHYs&t=314s

・ April
  Hyun Jin Nim was dismissed from both his vice presidential position in the Family Federation and as world CARP world presi   dent.

・ 18th of April
  Hyung Jin Nim inaugurated as world president (age 28).

・ 19th of July
  Helicopter accident.

・ 29th of July
  Hyun Jin Nim was dismissed from American presidential position, Hyung Jin Nim appointed In Jin Nim as American FFWPU pre  sident.

Year 2009

・ 15th of January
  Hyung Jin Nim was crowned in Korea and they got permission for “TP’s blessing”                                https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Fr5THfzX8Q

・ 30th and 31st of January
  Hyung Jin Nim was crowned in Korea and USA, he received crown three times

・ 8th of March
 TM said “Hyun Jin Nim has problem with absolute sex”, TF took away public missions from Hyun Jin Nim. TF said to Hyun Jin   Nim “You have to stop public activities for one year, stay with me and study principles”

・ July
  “Omoni failed that’s why she has to restore by herself” TF’s speech vol.614, page 141

・ After August
  Hyun Jin Nim was dismissed from UCI directors in order to promote GPF and he had control over the director’s committee.

・ Since middle of 2009
  publication of TF speeches has stopped, last volume of TF’s speech was 615.

・ 10th of September
 TF told Hyun Jin Nim to let UCI be in original position. Hyun Jin Nim said “Yes I understand”, but seemingly he didn’t. This wa  s the last conversation between TF and Hyun Jin Nim. Rev. Kwak and Hyun Jin Nim became more entwined, against TF, TF ki  cked out Hyun Jin Nim.

・ 10th -14th of December
  Hyun Jin Nim wrote letter to TF in order to get official permission to hold rally in Philippines, but TF did not give it.

Year 2010

・ TF proclaimed settlement for TP’s Heaven and Earth.

・ 14th of February
  TF proclaimed “Heavenly Calendar”.

・ 5th of June
  TF said “TP’s representative and heir is Hyung Jin Moon. Anybody else (who claims such a position) would be a heretic and   a destroyer” https://youtube.com/watch?v=6c2JN0-ewLo.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyJi1qeKAz4

・ 19th of June 02:20 in the early morning and again 26th of June 2010 03:25 in the early morning.
  TF proclaimed that “TP’s are finally united horizontally” (twice)

・ 22nd of November
 TF proclaimed “TP became finally united” (first time).

Year 2011

・ 3rd of February
 TF proclaimed “ TP became finally united” (second time).

・ July
 In Alaska Kodiak North Garden TF strongly ordered the third son and rev. Kwak group not to be against TF and return and     follow TF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NO5r8-z5SSc.

・ 11th of December
 TF proclaimed conclusion, accomplishment, completion of whole the providence and proclamation of final victory.

Year 2012

・ 18th of January
  When TF was absent, like a priest Dae Mo Nim held a marriage ceremony with God and TM. TF got to know about this ceremo  ny same day and TF returned to Seoul immediately.

・ 19th of January
  TF criticized TM, because TM said “Don’t listen to TF, listen to me”. Saying such things is more frightening than Luzifer     himself.

・ 23rd of January
  TP had golden wedding. Reason why it became only golden because of what TM had done 18th January. It was supposed to T  P’s perfection stage holy wedding.

・ 3rd of March
  TF held last blessing ceremony (Lunar calendar).

・ 14th of April
 TF made special proclamation in Las Vegas “The Settlement  of TP of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and the pro clamation   of God’s Substantial Word. “ With this, indemnity was totally con cluded. TF proclaimed and offered before God a c onclusio n,an accomplishment, and the completion of the settlement of TP of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, and the procl amation  of  God’s Substantial Word.

・ 5th of June
  Ceremony of four dimension registration was conducted in Las Vegas. TF proclaimed unity between Cain and Abel, Kook Jin   Nim and Hyung Jin Nim and TF proclaimed TP’s mission concluded, accomplished and completed. https://www.youtube.com/  watch?v=LCHyQFYCctg.

・ 16th of July
  During the Abel Women UN establishment rally, TF spoke “I educated Omoni, there is no Omoni, there is no position of rev. M oon’s wife, she goes her own way.” In the same speech TF said “God of Night and God of Day are fighting”. God of Night     refers to TF, God of Day refers to TM. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yksq4dFmdc.                           https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rzg 3OQkZy8

・ 24th of July
 During Hon Dok Hae TF said “No one has the King’s official stamp yet, why because God of Night and God of Day are still figh ting”. In reality that shows that TF and TM are not united. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsHslYrStFk.

・ 2nd of August  
  At Osan school TF said “God of Night and God of Day are fighting. TF grieved and struggled with TM.                  https://www.youtube.co m/watch?v=mTHuML_auk4.

・ 3rd of August
  In the last Hon Dok Hae TF said “Omma, TM, who destroyed all, and Peter Kim must take responsibility. “ Same day TF went   to hospital in Seoul. https://youtube.com/watch?v=Q4BJR1VcBv4.

・ Mid of August
  TM asked to return TF’s books, vol. 594-615, 22 volumes. Later in 2013, after changing the contents TM re-published them a  gain.

・ 23rd of August
  Before TF passed away members of editorial committee of TF’s speeches hold a meeting.

・ 3rd of September
 TF passed away (without saying that TM became perfect).

・ 17th of September
  Hyung Jin Nim announced TM’s victory at the special meeting for Unification Church world leaders, for victory of Foundation  Day.

・ 23rd of September
   Contradiction of TM’s speech (in the end of TM’s Cheon Seong Gyeong), that states TF had his last prayer on August      13th. TF prayed the same prayer already on the 14th of April in Las Vegas. www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yZQR9mPyyw.

Year 2013

・ 14th of February
  Hyung Jin Nim was dismissed as the UFC, president for America .

・ 22nd of February, Lunar Calendar 13th of January
  TM proclaimed 1st year of Cheon il Guk. Third marriage ceremony of TP was supposed to happen, (perfection stage), but it    did not happen. Same time TM’s Cheon Seong Gyeong was published and proclaimed to call God as Heavenly Parents and    Family Pledge was changed etc.

・ 24th of March
  Kook Jin Nim was dismissed from director’s position by the Unification Foundation directors meeting.

・ Spring
  Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim were kicked out from Korea, and they were exiled to Pennsylvania in USA. One main reason  for this was that TM said “I’m God”, and Hyung Jin Nim answered that “TM is a victorious TM, but not a God. After that Hyu ng Jin Nim was kicked out”.

Year 2014

・ 1st of July
  TM proclaimed the “the only begotten daughter” and TM denied TF was born without sin.

Year 2015

・ 18th of January
 Hyung Jin Nim held a service “Break the silence”.

・ 6th of March
  Hyung Jin Nim was dismissed as World President.

・ 11th of March
 TM spoke about the only begotten daughter publically.

・ 21st of April
  Hyung Jin Nim held Heavenly calendar blessing ceremony named “To return True Father’s authority”.

・ 30th of August
  Crown ceremony of second King, three years anniversary of TF’s Seung Hwa ceremony.

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